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Wildfires Act

General prohibitions

12(1) No person shall
(a) start a fire that is likely to burn out of control, burns out of control, or endangers life, land or property;

(b) obstruct an officer, a temporary fire guardian or a person in charge of a wildfire protection operation in the performance of his or her duties;

(c) fail to follow the direction or order of an officer or person in charge of wildfire protection operations with respect to wildfire protection operations; or

(d) impede wildfire protection operations.


Prohibitions for fires used for agricultural purposes

12(2) No person shall cause a fire to be started in order to guard property, clear land, or burn debris, crops or stubble, unless the land on which the fire is started is completely surrounded by a strip of land not less than six metres wide, and

(a) the strip is free of inflammable material; or

(b) all inflammable material on the strip is covered by snow or water.
Prohibitions re fires

12(3) No person shall on any land

(a) start a fire
(i) without taking sufficient precautions to ensure that the fire can be kept under control, or
(ii) when weather conditions are conducive to a fire burning out of control;

(b) fail to take reasonable steps to prevent a fire from spreading;

(c) place any burning or smouldering matter in a place where it may cause a fire that may spread;

(d) conduct an activity that may cause a fire to spread; or

(e) leave the place where he or she has caused a fire to be started without ensuring that the fire is out.


Prohibition re destruction of fire fighting equipment

12(4) Unless permitted to do so by an officer, no person shall remove or interfere with equipment, a structure, sign or other thing intended to be used for wildfire protection operations.